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Take a moment to find out what we get up to at Marketwave Consultants 

Founded in 2020, and based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba - Marketwave specializes in Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, and Data Analytics. ​

Our team has a depth of knowledge regarding consumer behavior, statistical analysis, general marketing tactics, digital marketing specifics like search engine optimization (SEO), keyword searches, and follower growth, as well as expertise in profile management. 

Our team is continually learning and expanding our knowledge base to better help our clients generate better results. Our knowledge is key to what we do, and we aim to provide resources such as case study examples and results of research we do as a team, these can be found under the "case studies" tab at the top of the page. 

Modern Office

Michael Newman

Owner/Founder, Director of Marketing


Michael is the founder of Marketwave Consultants - specializing in social media marketing, digital media strategy and media promotion. Knowing the value in numbers, Michael has a focus on using data to drive results, especially analytics. As one of his favourite sayings goes: "People can lie, but numbers don't." Michael's goal is to help small businesses grow their finances, and to help them establish themselves in the digital media landscape! Knowing how important small businesses are to society, Michael takes pride in helping these small businesses to run their day-to-day operations, without taking time to worry about their media presence! 


In addition to completing his Bachelor of Arts officially in October of 2021, he has been accredited as a Personal Training Specialist by CanFit Pro, and served as a server/bartender for nearly 7 years, and still currently operates a private bartending label known as Gold Star Bartenders. He also has experience as a customer service representative, and project coordinator, in addition to also being the photographer and videographer for Marketwave Consultants! You can often find Michael combing through the free agency pools of his fantasy sports leagues or yelling at the TV during Winnipeg Jets games.  

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