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We are a Winnipeg-based digital marketing consulting firm, with the aim to help you plan and decisively  execute efficient actions within the digital space to help grow your business, save you time and put more money in your pocket! 


The modern world is thriving online, and with businesses turning towards online services and marketing with more frequency, it makes sense to follow suit and begin to generate online traffic and revenue. 

With such a large focus on digital media and so many different platforms with changing rules, regulations and ideal content, it can be impossible to stay on top of it all. 

Our main goal is to give you more time to run your business - so stop worrying about those new Meta regulations, or Apple's new privacy updates - we'll handle that! Take that time and put it into what matters - running your business as successfully as possible! 


Marketwave Consultants works with a variety of different individuals and businesses, ranging from athletes, to videographers, hairdressers and corporate. Some of our clients have shared some thoughts on the work we have done for them. While we don't reveal all of our clients, we hope that you take a moment to read what our clients think of us!

Below is a short list of former and current clients Marketwave Consultants has worked with or currently work with. Please respect client privacy, however we encourage you to view their pages and learn more about them and the benefits they can provide you! To view their websites, click the logos below - for their Instagram pages, click the logo on their individual testimonial!


Winnipeg, MB


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