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Account Manager Time Management Hack

Account managers can be dealing with accounts on multiple platforms simultaneously day in and day out, and marketing agencies can be dealing with multiple different clients who have different accounts on different platforms - yep, there's levels to this. There's a number of things that I have discovered through my time working at an agency, an independent social media manager and now a social media marketing strategist that I find essential to making my life significantly less stressful and my job significantly easier. The secret? Not really a secret to be honest, it's all about scheduling.

There are a number of ways to go about this, they key thing being that it all should be done *at least* 2 weeks in advance. The reason for this being that it's almost a given that something will shift last minute, and you want to have a plan in place to be able to modify when that happens so that you don't have to spend more time focusing on coming up with new concepts and how to execute them. There's a number of basic tools that I used to begin when I worked for a social media management agency, which was managing well over 20 separate Facebook pages alone, nevermind Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channels - and it was all done by swapping back and forth through the profiles. I'm confident getting into the habit of not using programs like Later or Hubspot to schedule and organize your platforms posts contributed to the start of tendonitis in my thumb.

Everything we do here runs through a planner - every month we sit down and briefly analyze 3 (okay...maybe 4) things:

Laptop with notebook planner, pen and coffee mug on a desk
Planning helps you stay ahead - and produce more quality content!

1a) the original goals

1b) are we close?

2) How much content do we have?

3) How much content do we need to put out?

Once we have reviewed our content bank and have figured out how much more content we need, we give the proposed schedule to our clients and say "here's the schedule, can we work together to put out this much content?". And if they can't? That's okay too, we just revise the schedule! Once you have finalized your schedule, you can add your content into your planner - automated like Hubspot or Later or not - and post as needed, or just let it go! Remember, if you're using an automated post manager, check in on the posts to make sure they have gone well!

Having a content bank that is filled early on will make it easier to go to your clients and say "we only need a small thing from you this month, the rest is done already!" - not only will you be more prepared and save time, but you will appear more professional, and can most definitely impress your clients, maybe even earning a raise in the process!

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